1. What is Solutions Manual or Test Bank for a textbook? 

A Test Bank for a textbook is a collection of all the sample questions and their answers that may be use when making an exam. The questions are broken down chapter by chapter and give you corresponding answers so that you can study independently. Please understand that test bank is sample questions which can only be used for examing your understanding of a course, and we can not guarantee for our test bank to match your real tests in school.

A Solution Manual contains complete and detailed answers (with steps) to even and odd numbered questions at the end of chapters of your textbook. Both Test bank and Solutions are available in electronic format (PDF/Word)

If you are not sure, ask for a free sample of the product.



2. I download my order but it can not open, what should I do?

Did you fully downloaded the eBook? If Yes, please check the format of the eBook.
If it is in *. PDF format, you can open it directly with Acrobat Reader.
If it is in *. DOC format, you can open it directly with Microsoft Word.
If it is in *. RAR , *.ZIP or *.7z format, you will have to unzip it before using, and the procedure is very simple :

1) Fully download your eBook.
2) Go to https://www.7-zip.org/ to download 7-zip, a freeware, install it on your PC.
3) Right click eBook ( those *.rar and *.zip files) and on the pop up menu you choose 7.zip-->extract here, then all eBooks will be extracted.


3. When should I receive my order and what if my order link expires? 

We deliver your order instantly once the payment is made.  You will see the download link at the bottom of your check out page, Just download the order by clicking the link. You can download it for 15 times, and the remaining count will keep alive for you forever. If your link expires for some reason, please contact us to reset it.



4. My test bank file is in Canvas,  how to use?

It is EAZY and see the following steps:

1. First, you need to download your order from your account, which should be a *.zip file. 
2. You then unzip it to release files with name like ****QTI.zip.
3.  Go to https://canvas.instructure.com/login/canvas and log in with an email and password. You can conveneintly use your gmail account to login, its free and public, from there just follow our video to import the ****QTI.zip.